The brave men and women of Dallas Fire & Rescue risk their lives every day fighting fires and rescuing the citizens of Dallas. These heroes spend half their lives in Station House 58 waiting for a call telling them someone is in danger, but one group of firefighters and paramedics can only do so much. They need your help to tell their stories about saving lives and finding love. What call will you send them out on next?

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Firefighter Rowen Clark isn’t afraid of much, but one fear is deep-seated from childhood.

The dentist.

So, when his sexy new neighbor turns out to be a dentist, he does his best to contain his desire. He has dedicated his life to helping people, so when her car needs a jump, he is happy to help. But, when he breaks his tooth, and Heather offers to fix it, he wants nothing to do with her.

After leaving an abusive marriage, Dr. Heather Holbrook is ready to start a new life in a new city. All she wants is a quiet life, in a quaint neighborhood, and to learn to rely only on herself. A series of events forces Heather to rely on Rowen far more than she’s comfortable with, her pull to him undeniable, until he does the unthinkable, all in the name of protecting her.

Rowen would do anything to keep those he loves safe, even if it means using his fists to do it…but when push comes to shove, and he does what it takes to protect what’s his, will Heather be able to forgive him?

Coming January 17, 2018
Igniting his Flame

Two shy people…
One adult chatroom…
A lifetime of love…

All Dallas firefighter, Gavin Clark wants is a nice girl to settle down with, only he’s not the most suave with the ladies. To say he was shy, would be the biggest understatement of the century. During is down time at the station, he enters a chat room some of his single friends have told him about. He has no idea what to expect, and he certainly didn’t think he’d meet the woman of his dreams.

Especially when that woman is the shy, computer geek who lives in the apartment above his.
Charlotte Harper spends more time on her computer than she does with people, and working from home makes it difficult to socialize, much less meet men.

Of course, there is the sexy firefighter that lives below her, but he barely looks at her when he breezes by, grunting a hello. Not that she does much to catch his attention. So, when she stumbles on an adult chatroom, and sees the handle, ‘sexy firefighter’, she has to say hello.

As they talk on line, they also begin to talk in person, not knowing they are also conversing online.
That is until some of their in person chats mimic those online and when they put two and two together, sparks fly.

But when a stalker comes out of the woodwork, will their new found relationship survive? 

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