Rekindled by Jen Talty

For the last nine years, Kaylee Mead has been running from her past. Now she's running for her life. Her only chance at survival is to return home and patch things up with her father. When she returns to her home in Thief Lake, Minnesota, she finds her father dead and herself becoming the cop's best suspect for his murder.

Assistant Police Chief Blaine Walker has been trying to put his ex-wife out of his mind for years, but when he finds her hovered over her father's body, he knows that battle is lost. She becomes his only suspect in a case that doesn't make sense. He vows to find the answers and then hopefully rekindle the flame that has never quite died out in his heart.

"If you love stories full of questions and mysteries for you to solve than you will love Rekindled by Jen Talty." Long and Short Reviews

"From the first word, Jen Talty grabs you and doesn't let go. On the edge of your seat 7 sizzling romance, she is an author not to be missed. With Rekindled, she pulled me in and held me there, breathless and anticipating the next surprising twist, until the last page was turned."~KyAnn Waters, multi-published author

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