The Phoenix Agency

Meet the RAVEN Sisters

Each of the Raven Sisters has a different telepathic ability. Embracing their gifts, the girls form a private investigative agency. They use their skills to help those in need. But when one of the sisters goes missing, they call upon THE PHOENIX AGENCY for help. In return, the sisters offer their services for special projects.

Hazel Raven’s ability is Precognition.

Hazel foreshadows her sister’s disappearance but gets to her too late. She continues to have premonitions about her sisters pending doom. She seeks out the help of the Phoenix Agency. Brett Radcliffe is new to the Agency, brought in for his remote viewing capabilities. He and Hazel work together to find her sister. 

Savanah Raven’s ability is Remote Veiwing. 

Savanah is brought into Phoenix after being kidnapped. Her first mission, help Chad Pendleton find his missing team, only Chad thinks her abilities are nothing but smoke and mirrors. 

Coming February 2018

Alexis Raven’s Ability is Psychic Healing.

Hunter Knight (only surviving team member from Chad’s group) not only is his body broken and damaged, but so is his mind. Alexis must help him heal on all accounts not just to save his life, but to find out who was behind the deadly attack…and undercover the leak in his team…


Willow Raven’s Ability is Telepathic.

Gabe Underwood has been working deep undercover for a year, but when one of his owns shows up, having betrayed his country and his fellow brothers, Gabe must reach out and find someone…anyone…who can hear his thoughts. An ability he has blocked for the last year in order to stay deep undercover. His skills are rusty…but he finds a connection he didn’t know he had…one of the sisters he grew up next to…


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