Meet the Sarich Brothers!

Logan Sarich is content with his life, but he’s never been satisfied and has never been in love. Not that he doesn’t want a woman in his life, in a forever way…but no woman has ever touched his heart and soul more than his career in the military or his current job as an agent with THE OMEGA TEAM. That is until he’s sent to his hometown Jupiter, Florida to serve as a bodyguard to one of the most brilliant ethical hackers in the country…who happens to be his high school sweetheart.

While doing a cyber security check for a defense contractor, Mia Vanderlin discovers the company’s computer has been hacked, as well as her own and top secret plans are being stolen. Concerned for her safety, her family calls THE OMEGA TEAM. When Logan Sarich pulls into her driveway, her heart beats a little faster. Their romance wasn’t one for the books. They both had dreams and goals, walking away from each other after high school, with no regrets and fond memories. But seeing him again, all she can think about is picking up right where they left off... 

Nicolaus Sarich started his career as a local police officer. After losing his wife in a boating accident three months after they’d married at the ripe old age of 20, Nick followed in his brother’s footsteps and joined the Army. When his brother gets him an interview with Athena Madero and Grey Holden (the founders of THE OMEGA TEAM), Nick jumps at the chance to work side by side with his brother. Nick vowed to never lover again…but it won’t last when his first assignment is to rescue a powerful businessman’s adult daughter whose been kidnapped.

Leandra Wakefield may have had all the comforts of her father’s millions, but she’s no socialite, spending her days as a private investigator, working mostly missing persons cases. Leandra is hired to find a missing young woman. As she digs deeper, she uncovers a human trafficketing operation and goes undercover to not only find the missing girl, but to bring down a monster. The planned seemed to be working well enough, until Nicolaus Sarich shows up, snatching her in the night. Reluctantly, she take’s Nick’s help…and in the process, they uncovered a love neither of them expected. But can they let go of the pains of the past and give their hearts completely?

Ramey Sarich graduated from West Point Military Academy with honors and a broken heart. Swearing off relationships, he dives into his career as a test pilot for the Army. But when one of the planes he’s testing goes down, he uncovers it was no accident. Wanting an outside source, he contacts his brothers and they send help in the form of an ex-military female pilot now part of the OMEGA TEAM. Ramey is prepared for anything, except Tequila Ryder.

Tequila Ryder has spent the last few years raising her half-sister’s son. Now that he’s settled in college, Tequila is eager to jump back in the field with the OMEAG TEAM. The first day she’s with Ramey, his helicopter is forced into an emergency landing and between the reports she’d read on the other crash, and what she experienced, she knows without a doubt, someone is either trying to destroy Ramey’s career.

Or kill him.

…together unravel a twisted plot, while entangling their hearts.

Coming Spring of 2018

Dylan Sarich is the baby, but the tallest of the Sarich brothers at six-foot-four. He also attended West Point Military Academy and went through Special Forces training. During a top-secret operation, Dylan is injured and is forced to return home to heal. His mother has been trying to set Dylan up with the right girl for years, but Dylan’s only focus has been his career. All he wants to do is get healthy and back on the job. What he didn’t prepare for was the nurse his mother hired and how she’ll make Dylan question everything about his life.

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