Love in the Adirondacks

An Inconvenient Flame: The last thing she wanted was a man. But he was exactly what she needed.

Tayla Johnson doesn’t have time for romance. She barely has time to stop and smell the roses. However, when her parents plan a big family reunion, she makes a promise to her mom and dad she will take two weeks off work and spend time with them and her two sisters. Something she hasn’t done in years. She’s ready for a little fun in her childhood home, but she’s not prepared for the sexy next-door neighbor that won’t take no for an answer. She doesn’t want love or happily ever after. All she’s ever known is work, career, and sheer determination.

Gael Waylen spent most of his twenties and thirties chasing dollar signs. He had no idea life had passed him by until his parents and baby sister were killed in a small plane crash six months ago. At their funeral, he vowed to make changes in his life, but he has no idea what that really looked like until the day Tayla Johnson came home. He sees in her exactly who he used to be and he doesn’t want her to make the same mistakes. While he tells himself he’s only trying to give her the gift of time, he ends up giving her his heart.

Shattered Dreams: Her world as she knew stopped. And then he walked in. 

Tiki Johnson had a perfect life. A wonderful career and a loving boyfriend. Or so she thought. In an instant, everything changed. Her boyfriend left her for another woman—her boss—who decided her services were no longer needed. Feeling as though she needs a break from life, she takes the family boat to the narrows for a camping trip. Alone. All she wants is a little time and space to re-group and plan her next steps. She never expected to meet a sexy stranger who offers her a distraction from her problems.

Lake Grant has been going to Lake George for years. He loves to camp and fish and spend time forgetting whom his mother is while pretending he doesn’t come from New York royalty. When he first meets Tiki, he’s totally amused by her inability to camp, but even more, so that she has no idea who he is. It’s a novelty he’s not used to. And frankly, he doesn’t trust. However, the longer he spends time with Tiki, the more his heart begs him to do the one thing he swore to his mother he’d never do.

Fall in love.

The Wedding Driver: He’s been making dreams come true for a decade. Never in a million years did he believe his dream was a boat ride away. 

Tonya Johnson has been in love with the elusive Foster Landon for as long as she can remember. However, other than their mutual business arrangement of her wedding planning business and the fact that he takes newlyweds around the bay on his antique boat shortly after their nuptials, he barely gives her the time of day. Well, she’s tired of being ignored and decides it’s time Foster Landon takes her out on a proper date.

Foster Landon had his heart broken once, and he doesn’t plan on letting that happen again. While he believes in love, it’s not for him. Not anymore. That is until Tonya asked him to take him for a boat ride. And not a wedding ride. He should say no, but he couldn’t resist her smile. Besides, of all the wedding planners in the area, she brought him the most business. Who was he to say no? However, he wasn’t prepared to lose his heart and find himself wanting to become a groom.

Clear Blue Sky: She came looking for her future. He was hiding from a past. When their worlds collided—it was fireworks.

Retired Delta Force Soldier Nelson Snow has done his best to put the horrors of his last mission behind him and start a new life in upstate New York with his two brothers. He’s even begun dating, although he’s not exactly sure where he stands with his on-and-off girlfriend, who lives four hours away, he’d like to find out. That is until his past comes waltzing through his place of business and threatens to destroy his present and a future he had no idea he wanted.

Brandi Grant spent her entire life proving to her father that she could run the family’s publishing company. Now that she’s been given the opportunity, she realizes that certain parts of her life have passed her by, and it’s time to get her romantic life in order. She knows who she wants, only she’s not so sure the sexy, elusive Nelson Snow wants the same thing. She’s willing to put her heart on the line…and, when it comes down to it…her life as well.

Blue Moon: He had everything he thought he wanted—then she walked into the bar, and his whole world changed.

Before the Storm: Running was the only thing she’d ever known—and she wasn’t afraid to go straight through the storm.

This is series is also available in audio! You can check out audio samples here!

Love in the Adirondacks—where hearts come together like the moon and the stars shining bright in the sky, showing the boats the way home at night.