The Aegis Network - the SARICH BROTHERS series

The Lighthouse


Their romance wasn’t one for the books. They both had dreams and goals, walking away from each other after high school, with no regrets and fond memories. But seeing him again, all she can think about is picking up right where they left off...

Her Last Hope


Nick vowed to never lover again…but it won’t last when his first assignment is to rescue a powerful businessman’s adult daughter whose been kidnapped. 

The Last Flight


Wanting an outside source, Ramey contacts his brothers and they send help in the form of an ex-military female pilot now part of the OMEGA TEAM. Ramey is prepared for anything, except Tequila Ryder.

The Return Home


Major, Dylan Sarich, knows only one thing: Delta Force. He has dedicated his life to the Army and his country and can’t imagine doing anything else.

Until the unthinkable happens.

The Matriarch


Even though she finds retired Green Beret Wesley Maron incredibly attractive and insanely sweet, she finds herself shying away from a man who reminds her too much of her late husband.

But when a suitor turns deadly, she will turn to the one man who not only has her best interests at heart but loves her unconditionally, even if he too is struggling to open his soul to love again.