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I am the author of the Award-Winning Novel Jane Doe’s Return. I am also a bestselling Author. Dark Water hit #10 on Nook and my books have been in the top 100 on Amazon.

I began writing romance novels while traveling from hockey rink to hockey rink as a professional hockey mom with three kids playing travel hockey. I nearly retired as only my youngest son (now 20) plays Club Hockey for Xavier University. 

I have a daughter who is attending John’s Hopkins on her way to becoming a Doctor! My middle boy just began a new chapter in his life and is working for his father in the family business.

My husband will tell you that he is the inspriation for everything that I write…which is true…and my own personal hero!

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Latest NY State Trooper

Brooke Fowler lost her job, her boyfriend, and her grandfather in less than week. So, when she finds out she inherited her grandfather’s run-down old house on Lake George, NY, she decides to take what little savings she has, plus a loan, and plans to flip the house. Only bad things seem to follow Brooke wherever she goes. When the house is broken into and vandalized, not once, not twice, but three times, and she’s nearly broke, she decides it’s time to act and calls the name on the business card tacked to her grandfather’s corkboard.

New York State Trooper Tristan Reid normally didn’t answer his phone when he didn’t recognize the number, but sometimes he liked to have a little fun with the tell marketers. However, the person on the other end was no salesman. Having remembered Brooke’s grandfather, he goes to the house out of respect. What he finds is a beautiful woman who is way out of his league, but with a problem he can help solve.

Together, they a unravel fifty-year-old mystery that could solve all of Brooke’s financial problems, giving her the freedom to flip the house and move on…or perhaps she wants to stay put...with Tristan.

Latest Omega Team

Logan Sarich is content with his life, but he’s never been satisfied and has never been in love. Not that he doesn’t want a woman in his life, in a forever way…but no woman has ever touched his heart and soul more than his career in the military or his current job as an agent with THE OMEGA TEAM. That is until he’s sent to his hometown Jupiter, Florida to serve as a bodyguard to one of the most brilliant ethical hackers in the country…who happens to be his high school sweetheart.

While doing a cyber security check for a defense contractor, Mia Vanderlin discovers the company’s computer has been hacked, as well as her own and top secret plans are being stolen. Concerned for her safety, her family calls THE OMEGA TEAM. When Logan Sarich pulls into her driveway, her heart beats a little faster. Their romance wasn’t one for the books. They both had dreams and goals, walking away from each other after high school, with no regrets and fond memories. But seeing him again, all she can think about is picking up right where they left off...

Latest Dare to Love

Jessica Roads, the Social Media Coordinator for the Miami Thunder, spent a year with the wrong man. While at a local watering hole, she runs into her ex, with his wife. She’s over him, but wants to drive the point home, so when her best friend dares her to kiss the next man who walks through the door, Jessica is all over it.

Don’t dare me…

Nolan Greer, the new Offensive Coordinator for the Miami Thunder, has had a rough couple of years. After a knee injury, he contemplated retiring. However, he made the decision when he found out he was the father of a one-year-old little girl with a birth defect that needs surgery, and her mother jut died. All Nolan wants is to get to know his daughter without being in the public eye. He never meant to keep her a secret…but no one knows he has a child.

Sparks flew the moment Jessica and Nolan kissed, but it immediately tosses them into a media frenzy, putting Nolan and his daughter in the middle of it, while someone is trying to destroy Jessica’s reputation.

Can Nolan dare to risk his heart…and his daughters?

Can Jessica dare to trust another man who’d kept a secret from her?

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