All California “Cali” Banister wanted to do was pay off to the man who held her parent’s business hostage. What he’d done had been nothing shy of a good old-fashioned shakedown, preying on a trusting, older couple, and now, if they wanted to have control of the family business, they had to pay two-hundred thousand dollars by the end of the year.

No way would Cali let that happen. She’d do anything, including going to work for the private Infidelity club. She figures a rich man, who wants a woman to drape on his arm for show, might lavish her with gifts she can sell and cash she could save.

Her first night in the club, she meets a sexy young millionaire named Xavier Williams and she thinks she’s hit pay dirt. Only Xavier isn’t exactly who he says he is.

William “Xavier” Sumner will do anything to for a story. Anything. And he thinks there is a story to be had inside the exclusive and elusive Infidelity club. Posing as a millionaire is the easy part. But picking the right woman to interview for his story, proves to be more difficult than he anticipated… until he meets Cali.

Sparks fly from the first second and Xavier thinks by this time next year, every network will want his investigative skills.

Only his betrayal and her deception could cost them everything they wanted…and put their lives in an inescapable deadly situation.