The Brotherhood Protectors: Colorado

Captain Darius Ford has done his best to put the past where it belongs. He and his team have a new gig with the Brotherhood Protectors, and starting over never looked so good. That is until the woman who has haunted his dreams comes waltzing into his office as if she wasn’t the reason his military career ended.

Special Agent Fenmore Harley has never for a second believed that Darius was a liar. However, she knew someone set up him and his team, and she was determined to find out who, even if that meant facing the man who couldn’t forgive her for things she had no control over. She’d do whatever it took to ensure his less-than-honorable discharge was overturned if that was the last thing she did.

Which very well might happen when the bullets come flying.

Troy Falco fought for his country, and he fought to bring his family—his brothers—together at Paradise Ranch. Now he has a new fight as acting Fire Chief for the Fool’s Gold Fire Department and an Agent of the Colorado Brotherhood Protectors. His first assignment is to help Esme Jade investigate the fire that took the life of his predecessor and her father. There is nothing simple about the case, and the more they dig, the more it becomes apparent Esme could be next. Troy will do whatever it takes—because his job requires it—but his heart demands it.

Esme Jade knew without a doubt the fire that claimed her father’s life was no accident. But proving that fact wouldn’t be easy. Determined to leave no stone unturned, she’s willing to examine every lead—even one that takes her down memory lane. She’ll do whatever it takes, even if it means unlocking pieces of her past. But what she’s not prepared for is finding the kind of lasting love her father always told her was waiting for her in the right man.

Sparrow Oakley has spent her adult life serving the good people of Fool’s Gold, Colorado and trying to forget she’s the daughter of the leader of one of the biggest crime organizations in the state. So, when she has to arrest a fellow officer and her mentor for doing business with the Renegades, Sparrow wonders if her mother is lurking in the shadows and when she’s going to make good a promise she made long ago.

Stone Bishop’s career in the military as a Green Beret had come to an abrupt end. However, Stone is used to adversity and quickly took a job with new branch of the Brotherhood Protectors with his buddies from Team Trojan. Stone figures if he can handle civilian life, he can handle anything. That is until Sparrow Oakley walks into his life. He’s prepared to protect her, but he has no idea how to protect his heart.

She thought she could leave her past behind her, but when the bodies start piling up she realizes the past wasn’t finished with her and now history might not only repeat itself, but take away her chance at love.

Retired CIA agent Fay Clayton is trying to get her career back on track with her new position in Fouls Gold, Colorado working with the Brotherhood Protectors. She can handle almost anything, including working with ex SEAL Walker Nash, who blamed her for his untimely exit from the Navy. However, with their latest assignment, it seems history is repeating itself because at every turn, with every clue, the bad guy is always one step ahead of Fay, Walker, and the police.
That is until Fay realizes the mole that sabotaged her mission to save Walker and his team before she retired followed them back to the States and is doing whatever he can to make sure that once again, she—and Walker—fail at their assignment.
And at love.