The Legacy Series

Shannon Brendel, a therapist for troubled teens, wants to find the daughter she gave up when was sixteen. She doesn’t want a relationship. She only wants to know her child is safe and has a better life. One free from her father’s dark legacy. However, when she begins the search, she will lead the evil man she feels she helped create right to her daughter’s doorstep. This is a man she’s vowed never to see again. A man who could easily pull her back into the depths of hell her father had placed her in. He is a man who is hell bent on revenge and will stop at nothing to see that Shannon, and their daughter, pay the ultimate price.

Jackson Armstrong, a private investigator, will take just about any case except those involving adoption. He has his reasons. So, when his super sexy neighbor asks him to help her find the little girl she gave up years ago, he says no. That is until Shannon’s patients start mysteriously disappearing, showing up dead, and Shannon becomes the best suspect. Jackson will do whatever it takes to prove Shannon is innocent and protect her and her daughter. But will it be enough to save them from such a dark legacy?

What if the mother you thought had died, was alive and well and living fifty miles away?

Katie Bateman’s mother died years ago, or so she thought. That all changed the day a stranger came into her office asking her to find his missing wife, who looks an awful lot like her late mother. Katie, a little spooked by the resemblance, goes to her FBI friend, Jacob Donovan, whose father had been close friends with her mother and her uncle. Jacob chalks it up to someone who just looks like her mother. How could it be anyway? She was dead.

Besides, Jacob is preoccupied with a case where young girls are going missing and now turning up dead.Katie starts to uncover some inconsistencies in her new client’s missing wife’s case. As she digs deeper, she finds a picture of Edward’s wife and it’s the exact same picture, the only picture, that Katie has of her late mother.

The closer Katie gets to finding Edward’s wife, her mother, the closer she comes to the final game.

Edwards game.

She wanted to protect her brother…but she failed.
He’ll do whatever it takes to protect Vivian, even if it means taking a bullet…
But will it be enough?

Vivian Rose thought she burned her family’s dirty little secret the day she laid her father to rest. Only, years later, when her brother is found murdered, it seems that secret might have been the very thing that got her brother killed. Now, Vivian finds herself in the middle of an internet game that she doesn’t understand and the target of a dangerous man who will stop at nothing to make her his.

Agent Cameron Thatcher has had his eyes on the sexy Vivian Rose for months. However, when his current case includes a sex club and her brother gets involved, he finds himself in a precarious situation. The more he digs, the more he uncovers, and the more he realizes that Vivian’s in danger. He’ll do whatever is necessary to protect her—including taking a bullet. 

But will it be enough?