The Aegis Network Short Stories

Max Weber preferred animals to humans any day of the week. So, when his K-9 partner Milian goes and finds himself a lady dog friend across the street, Max finds himself in unchartered waters.

Both with his dog and with the super sexy Veterinarian that couldn’t seem to keep her own pesky little puppy on a leash.

Recently divorced, Chanel Dixon wanted a fresh start for herself, her practice, and her dog. However, her new beginnings didn’t include a sexy ex-Navy SEAL with an adorable dog who not only wouldn’t go away but kept bringing his owner around, making her feel things she’d been trying to avoid since she’d left her husband.

Only, Max was nothing like her ex, and both him and his dog were about to run away with her heart.

Captain Corey Foster of the United States Marine Corps went missing on Christmas Eve three years ago. He left behind a very pregnant fiancée. A recent search and rescue by his buddies at the Aegis Network resulted in some devastating news and it appears Corey Foster will never make it home.

Ruby Rose believes in the depths of her heart and soul that the love of her life and the father of her son isn’t dead. He can’t be. She’d feel the loss if he were. She doesn’t care what his friends say, she’s still holding out for a Christmas Miracle that her Corey will return and give her son the only present he’s ever asked Santa for.

Ferrari “Rari” Juno knew the moment she’d gotten behind the wheel of her first go-cart at the ripe old age of five that she was born to race. Now, as she approached thirty, she was the number one road racer in the country. But that title had come with a price. One that she was more than willing to pay. Besides, she preferred the hum of an engine to the chatter of humans any day of the week. That was until someone started threatening her, forcing her head mechanic to call in a bodyguard. Now she was faced with emotions she never experienced and distractions she couldn’t afford.

Or was it time for Rari to make some much-needed changes in her life?

Justice Wilder of the Aegis Network didn’t know anything about racing cars, but he does know a thing or two about protecting people, and he’ll do whatever it takes to keep Rari safe, even if it means making an ass out of himself at the racetrack. However, once the danger subsides, will Justice be able to show Rari that there’s more to life than spinning wheels? Or will he take his broken heart and head off into the sunset, alone.

Timothy “Holiday” White hasn’t taken a vacation by choice since he was a teenager. Now that he’s being forced to take one, he certainly doesn’t plan on enjoying himself. Not even when the Aegis Network has made sure his days are filled with activities. He even has his own personal fun guide there to ensure he takes full advantage of the resort and she’s about the only thing that can hold his interest, but that’s because other than setting him up with things to do, she won’t give him the time of day. However, when her son comes face to face with a past that is a little too much like the one Holiday has been trying to run from, Holiday realizes he’s been running from the wrong thing and maybe it’s time to run toward it.

Candice Cupid is trying to do right by her pre-teenaged son. But when her ex-husband shows up, flexing his muscles, Candice decides its time playing by the rules. However, she needs help, and what better way to fight fire than with fire, so she asks Holiday for help. She expected bullets to fly, but she never anticipated Holiday would run off with her heart and show her and her son that Christmas might be worth celebrating again.