Candlewood Falls: The River Winery Series

There was one problem that stood in his way…and he was falling in love with her.

Malbec River wants to sell to his family’s failing winery. So when his mother, Shirley “Weezer” River, calls, informing him she has a potential buyer, he’s on the next plane to ensure his mother isn’t up to her old tricks. Weezer is the reason he left town in the first place, and she can’t be trusted. Of course, things aren’t as straightforward as his mother made them appear and when Malbec comes face to face with the one woman standing in the way of him selling the winery, he may have met his match.

Eliza Jane Blue is a talented Viticulturist and Vintner who searched for an opportunity to head up her own line of wines, and she jumps at the chance when Weezer offers her the job as head winemaker. However, Weezer neglected to tell her that the winery is failing. Eliza will need a miracle if she’s going to save The River Winery and Vineyard, and create a new line of wines that bares her name. Her biggest obstacle—Malbec River, the best Viticulturalist in the business. He’s trying to pressure his mother into selling the winery…to a large corporation, which would not only take away her job, but it would successfully kill her dreams.

A broken heart that needs mending…
A wounded soul that needs answers…
And a buried secret that could destroy everything…

After years of fighting with her mother, Riesling decides its time to mend fences, even if it means she has to admit her mother was right. Moving back to Candlewood Falls is a big step. Dating her boss is an even bigger one and Riesling’s meddling mother is up to her old tricks, making things difficult, as usual. When another buried secret surfaces on The River Winery it will not only test Riesling and her new relationship, but it might just destroy everything that the River family holds dear.

Doctor Treyton “Trey” Jefferson wants answers as to where he came from and no one seems to be able to tell him that. Not his parents and not the doctor who made the arrangements for the closed adoption because he’s dead. Trey’s only clue is a piece of paper from the doctor with an address that came from The River Winery in Candlewood Falls. Trey will do whatever it takes to find his birth parents, including using his new physician’s assistant, who happens to have a stake in the winery, to obtain information about the doctor who facilitated over thirty adoptions in the area. He has no idea he’s about to unearth a scandal that holds the power to destroy the woman he’s falling in love with and her family’s business.

Dax Fabion had once thought he could have it all. However, Chablis River made it perfectly clear that he couldn’t have her, and have a career in the NHL. He chose the latter. A decision he’s regretted for years and it’s time to make right a wrong.

All Chablis River wants is to prove to herself, and to her mother, that she still has what it takes to be one of the best winemakers in the country. When, her ex-boyfriend, and the real reason she left Candlewood Falls in the first place, returns with the goal to win her back, Chablis will be able to forgive him for chasing his dream, but she will she ever be able to trust him with her heart again?

She was only supposed to help with his son…only she showed him what family and love was truly about.

Toby Tillman was done. He’d put up with his soon-to-be ex-wife’s shenanigans for long enough. It was time to take matters into his own hands. He’d do whatever it took to ensure TJ grew up in a loving environment, with a father who put him first.

He wasn’t prepared, however, for Zinfandel River – all grown up and ready to take on the world. Not only was she willing to put herself in the line of fire, but she was also ready to take on a troubled teenager – all while walking away with Toby’s heart.

Talbot Grant left Candlewood Falls when she was seventeen and she hasn’t looked back. She’s worked hard for the life she’s created for herself and her son. Becoming a single mother at eighteen hasn’t been easy, but she’s proud of her accomplishments. Her only regret is not being able to give her child the one thing he really wants: his dad.

Merlot River has never gotten over the death of his first love. So, when a stranger rolls into town, looking like Daisy, Merlot finds himself wanting to know more. Only, he’s not prepared for what the past is about to unearth, or the danger it will bring to a family he didn’t know he had.