Special Forces Operation Alpha: Delta Force – Generation Next

He’ll protect her with his life.

And she’ll run off with his heart.

Jolene Whittle’s last true crime novel cracked the top twenty of the NY Times bestselling list. Now all she has to do is hit number one with the next one and she has just the story to do it with: The Alleyway Strangler. And the woman who brought him down is willing to give her a once-in-a-lifetime interview. Jolene boards a plane heading for Texas where she meets a well-meaning emergency room doctor who happens to be her biggest fan. Except, this isn’t any ordinary fan. He’s connected to her past. And now history might repeat itself.

While forced into a little mini vacation, Michael “Cannon” Santoro is asked by a fellow Delta Force soldier to pick up Jolene up at the airport and keep an eye on her while she interviews his wife. Cannon doesn’t hesitate. Jolene is like no one he’s ever met, and he finds himself in uncharted waters. Only, he’s about to uncover a sinister plan that will bring both their pasts on a collision course with the future, and it isn’t bright.

Aaliyah Rose has spent the last year dealing with the judgments of others. She can handle the finger pointing. Even the name calling. But what she can’t handle is the fact she did what any other human being would have done in her shoes and Huck knows that, yet he won’t forgive her, much less give her the time of day. So, when her cousin, Jayme Caldwell calls her and tells her that Huck Duncan is stationed at the same base as her husband, Aaliyah hops on the next plane to Texas. It’s time that Huck faces the truth on how and why his brother died.

Huckleberry “Huck” Duncan fell in love with the wrong woman and because of that fact, his brother is dead. However, he can forgive Aaliyah for her hand in his brother’s death. But what Huck can’t forgive is her lies. That is until he’s faced with the truth and those facts collide with a past he’s been trying to forget.

They had no idea how close their worlds were. Or how deadly.

All Laine West wants is a change of pace. Her move to Killeen, Texas is supposed to be a fresh start where she put down roots, come to terms with her past, and spends time with an old friend. But when an unexpected phone call from her mother turns deadly Laine finds herself in the middle of drug war with the Mexican Cartel that has nothing to do with her and everything to do with her past and her future.

Delta Force soldier, Knox Bentley lost his mother when she was murdered by the Cartel. Now his DEA agent father is missing. When his buddy Troy “Lucky” Schmidt asks him to help his friend Laine get settled, Knox looks forward to the distractions from his problems. Little did either know how intertwined their worlds were and now Knox must find out who murdered Laine’s mother before they come and kill Laine.

Sometimes love is right around the corner. You just have to fight for it.

Pediatrician Talullah Rossi has dedicated her life to her practice. Her patients are her world. However, she’d like to have a family of her own one day, but her dating life lately reads like a who’s who of men not to become involved with.

That is until a blind date turns her world upside down.

Darren “Scout” Finch would love to settle down. All he needs to do is find the right woman. When his buddy’s wife, Gillian Romano offers to set him up with their twin’s doctor, he’s not about to say no. Sparks fly and Scout even though Scout is out of his league, he knows he might have found “the one”. Unfortunately, Talullah has a stalker, and this man isn’t going to stop until he either makes Talullah his.

Or she’s dead.

Well, Scout isn’t about to let that happen. Not on his watch.

When her past finally catches her, will she run and hide? Or put her trust in the soldier who stole her heart?

Maribel McKay gave up her entire life when she turned her father in to the FBI and sent him to prison. Having to start over with a new identity in the Witness Protection Program, Maribel finds herself living in a mobile park in Killeen, Texas, working as a waitress. This is a far cry from her privileged life, and what her father would expect, who has stated he will do whatever it takes to locate and kill his only child for her betrayal. Between a background check for a second job working for a local soldier’s side business that sets off warning bells, an FBI agent claiming to be working a case hanging around the tavern, and running into Aspen Mesmer, someone she knew from her former life, Maribel begins to wonder if her worst nightmare has come true. She has two choices. Start over with a new identity. Or trust that the soldier who’s stolen her heart can shield her from harm.

Lance Griffen knows heartache. He understands suffering. His entire life, he has had to fight not only for what he wanted but also for what he needed. He has spent his adult life serving his country—and his community. There is only one thing Lance doesn’t believe he wants in his life, but when Maribel walks in, his entire world turns upside down. He’ll do whatever it takes to protect her—even if that means letting her go.