Hot Hunks Steamy Romance Collection: Madagascar Adventure

Madagascar Adventure- Hot Hunks Steamy Romance Collection Book 3 of 5

When Captain Neor Benning gets a cryptic message from an old friend that he needs help, Neor’s on the first transport plane to Madagascar. Only, when he gets there his friend is no where to be found. Instead Neor found out his friend didn’t send the message at all. He has half a mind to turn around and get right back on the next plane for the states. Until he learns what his buddy had been up to.

India Holland came to Madagascar to help her brother find out who killed their father. However, when she arrived, her brother had disappeared and nothing is as it seems. The only clue she has is a note from her brother stating if anything happened to him to call Neor. So that’s exactly what she did. Only, she never expected to open the door to the past and in the process, find her future.

Looking to escape? Maybe go on an adventure? How about something exotic? Want to be where the where the animals roam wild?

You can find all that and more at Blue Paradise, on the island of Nosy Be in Madagascar. The locals provide the guests with guidance, humor, and entertainment. But it’s the ambiance that creates an atmosphere where our Hot Hunks find LOVE!

Judging James- Natalie Ann USA Today Bestselling Author
Romancing Ryan- Suzanne Jenkins USA Today Bestselling Author
Needing Neor- Jen Talty USA Today Bestselling Author
Misleading Maddox- Stephanie Morris USA Today Bestselling Author
Jeopardizing Joey- Tamara Ferguson USA Today Bestselling Author