New York State Trooper

Ryan O’Conner possesses strength, determination, and a life filled with success. However, one thing is missing from her otherwise perfect world: the right man. Enter Jared Blake, a man who embodies everything Ryan avoids in a partner. He is controlling and overbearing, and to make matters worse, he is about to move away. Despite her reservations, Ryan decides to seize the opportunity and seduce Jared. Little does she know that her plans will take an unexpected turn when she becomes the target of a relentless stalker. With her life hanging in the balance, Ryan turns to Jared for protection, only to discover that the man she once deemed imperfect is, in fact, the perfect person for her.

Restless and yearning for excitement, Jared Blake, a New York State Trooper, grows bored with his current position in Lake George, NY. Seeking a new challenge and an adrenaline rush, Jared eagerly accepts a transfer that promises to elevate his career. However, his plans are abruptly halted when a close friend becomes the victim of a relentless stalker. Now, Jared has a mere two weeks to uncover the identity of the person behind these dangerous threats. Little does he know that within those two weeks, he will not only solve the mystery but also find himself forever captivated by a love that will change his life.

Lacy DeGeorgio has always prided herself on her independence and self-reliance. She never expected to be responsible for anyone other than herself. However, when a tragic boating accident claims the life of her sister Hannah, Lacy finds herself thrust into a custody battle for her eleven-year-old nephew, Andy. As if that wasn’t challenging enough, she also has to contend with the persistent presence of State Trooper Frank Harmon. Despite her initial resistance, Frank begins to break down her defenses and awaken desires she never thought she would have. While Lacy is willing to trust Frank with the care of her nephew, she wonders if she can trust him with her own heart

Frank Harmon is a dedicated New York State Trooper who believes in upholding the law and serving justice. He has always followed the rules and believes in the system. However, everything changes when he responds to a domestic disturbance call at the DeGeorgio trailer and is forced to walk away, knowing something terrible is about to happen. Two days later, he discovers Hannah DeGeorgio’s lifeless body in the icy waters of Lake George, forever altering his perspective. Driven by a need for justice, Frank becomes determined to find Hannah’s killer. In the process, he unexpectedly finds himself creating a home for a family he never thought he wanted, and his feelings for Lacy begin to blur the line between duty and personal desire.

After staring down the wrong end of a gun, not once, but twice, all Patty Harmon had wanted was to have a little fun. She’d spent most her life taking care of everyone else but herself. And while she had a plan for her life, she hadn’t yet started to live her life. So, when the aloof, distant, and emotionally unavailable New York State Trooper Reese McGinn takes an interest in her, she’s all in…for the moment. When the moment is over, they go their separate ways and Patty can get back to her life plan. But once again, that plan is interrupted when Patty finds herself pregnant. She’ll let Reese back in for the sake of the child, but can she keep Reese from stealing her heart?

New York State Trooper Reese McGinn has been haunted by his late mothers’ confession and the secret she still took to her grave. For the last seven years, he’s done nothing but move from job to job and town to town, vowing never to put down roots. But when his summer fling with Patty Harmon ends with a child on the way, he decides that it’s time to forget the past. Only the past doesn’t want to forge him, and a deadly secret rises from the grave, threatening to take away everything he thought he never wanted.

Things were finally looking up for Douglas Tanner. His divorce was about to be final. His construction company was doing better than ever and he was ready to start a new beginning. He just hadn’t expected that new beginning included his long-time friend and daughter of his business partner. But just as he expresses his new found feelings for Stacey, his soon-to-be ex-wife is found dead in the bottom of Lake George one day before he was to sign the divorce papers. And Doug is the prime suspect. Not just in his wife’s murder. But also her lover’s disappearance.

New York State Trooper Stacey Sutten had just finished her rescue swimmer certification course and finally had some time to relax. Or so she thought as she was called to a search and rescue mission. Only there was no rescue and the body she found just happened to be the wife of the man she was falling in love with. As Doug and Stacey’s romance heats up, so does the case. One damning piece of evidence after the other lead the police to Doug’s door. Caught between trying to prove Doug’s innocent and doing her job, Stacey finds herself in the hot seat. Just when she thinks it can’t get any worse, she’s investigated as a possible accomplice. Stacey must find out who really killed Mary, why they are hell-bent on framing herself and the man she loves, before both of them get a good look at the inside of a jail cell.

New York State Trooper Jake Prichard turned his back on the family farm, the family fortune, and his lying, manipulative father. But when someone tries to kill his dad, Jake reluctantly returns home to investigate. Only, his father isn’t the real target. It’s the farm’s manager and Jake’s first love.

Kenzie Chorley has worked at The Cavanaugh Equestrian Center since she was sixteen. It’s all she’s ever known, and all she’s ever wanted…other than Jake. But when he walked away from the farm, he walked away from her, too. In an attempt to heal old wounds, they rekindle their passion, but the pain of the past is too strong, leaving Kenzie alone, bereft, and pregnant. Now someone is threatening not only the farm she cherishes but her unborn child’s heritage. If Kenzie wants to hold onto the only man she’s ever loved, she’s going to have to dig up the darkest betrayal of all. A lie so damming it holds the power to destroy the very thing she’s trying to save…

New York State Trooper Josh Burdette hasn’t had the best of luck with the ladies. The last woman he was sleeping with tried to kill him. So, when sexy Delaney Mervis shows up, batting her baby blues, he’s cautious…but not cautious enough. Josh is suspicious that Delaney could have been sent by an arms dealer who vowed to make Josh pay for the death of his wife and two children in an undercover operation that went bad. While having a buddy do some digging on Delaney, Josh succumbs to his desire and sleeps with her only to find her sole motivation was to destroy his career…her reasoning was to save her brother who is being held hostage by a man with grey eyes who is threatening to kill her brother if she doesn’t what she’s told…or so she thinks. Josh and Delaney are forced to run when the arms dealer’s men come to kill them both. While in hiding, their passion grows deep and they find themselves unable to fight their feelings for one another. But the arms dealer will stop at nothing to destroy Josh, leaving Delaney to choose between the man she loves and a brother she never really knew.

Brooke Fowler lost her job, her boyfriend, and her grandfather in less than a week. So, when she finds out she inherited her grandfather’s run-down old house on Lake George, NY, she decides to take what little savings she has, plus a loan and plans to flip the house. Only bad things seem to follow Brooke wherever she goes. When the house is broken into and vandalized, not once, not twice, but three times, and she’s nearly broke, she decides it’s time to act and calls the name on the business card tacked to her grandfather’s corkboard.

New York State Trooper Tristan Reid normally didn’t answer his phone when he didn’t recognize the number, but sometimes he liked to have a little fun with the tell marketers. However, the person on the other end was no salesman. Having remembered Brooke’s grandfather, he goes to the house out of respect. What he finds is a beautiful woman who is way out of his league, but with a problem, he can help solve. Together, they unravel a fifty-year-old mystery that could solve all of Brooke’s financial problems, giving her the freedom to flip the house and move on…or perhaps she wants to stay put…with Tristan.

An Injured NY State Trooper. A Physical Therapist. A Destination Wedding. And one deadly lie.

NY State Trooper, Jasper Miles has spent the last couple of months recovering from an injury and trying to charm the sexy physical therapist, Ashely Briggs, assigned to his case. While she’s attentive to the healing process, giving him the best care possible, she seems immune to his devilish good looks and charismatic wit. When he sees her at a buddy’s destination wedding, he makes it his mission to make Ashely his and Jasper never fails.

Ashley Riggs has dedicated her life to helping the injured men and women who protect and serve overcome their battle wounds so they can get back to their jobs. As a physical therapist, she never gets too close her patients. That is until NY State Trooper, Jasper Miles, arrives at her best friend’s destination wedding. Unable to resist his charm, they spend a night she won’t soon forget… until a dark secret from Jasper’s past surfaces, putting not only her heart on the line, but her life as well.

All Kendal Rose wants is to put the past where it belongs and have started fresh with the rest of the Wine Wednesday group. However, when her friends are murdered, one by one, and Kendal is the best suspect, that becomes impossible.

New York State Trooper, Ryder Vaughn has one shot at getting his career back on track. At first glance, the Corkscrew case appears to be open and shut. Only, Ryder smells a setup and he can’t let another innocent person go to jail. Will Ryder and Kendal be able to solve the corkscrew murders before Ryder is forced to slap on the handcuffs and send the woman he’s falling in love with to prison? Or will Kendal end up in a body bag?