Hot Hunks Steamy Romance Collection: Blind Date

Eight Blind Date books by the Hot Hunks Steamy Romance Collection. Cove’s Blind Date Blows Up Book 3

Cove Reddington, a combat engineer for the Army, spends more than two hundred days deployed. He doesn’t have time for a girlfriend, much less date. So, when he’s forced to take an extended vacation after being injured on a mission, his sister sets him on a blind date. He’d rather spend a night knee-deep in diapers babysitting for his little sisters’ kids, but she won’t take no for an answer. When Cove walks into the restaurant to meet his date, he has no idea his skill set will be needed to save the woman who will ultimately walk away with his heart.

The last thing FBI negotiator Serenity Bale needs is to be fixed up on a blind date. For two weeks, she tries to avoid going on this date until she finds out the date is with her best friends’ brother, a man she’s had a crush on since she was in high school. Curiosity got the better of her and she finally agrees. The moment she lays eyes on Cove Reddington, sparks fly. The heat between them is undeniable. But before things even get off the ground, they will have to work together to defuse a bomb and bring a mad man to justice.

Whether it’s an unexpected discovery, a curveball thrown your way, an explosive situation to defuse, a seduction on the horizon, a developing experiment, a dilemma to work out, a mystery to solve, or a debacle in the making. These eight blind dates by eight authors have one thing in common. Hot hunks finding their ladies! The next in the Hot Hunks Steamy Romance Collection brings you swoon-worthy blind dates to make your pulse race, your body tingle, and your heart sing for more!

Natalie Ann- Grey’s Blind Date Discovery – Book 1
Angela Stevens- Logan’s Blind Date Curveball – Book 2
Jen Talty- Cove’s Blind Date Blows Up – Book 3
Stephanie Morris- Kyler’s Blind Date Seduction- Book 4
Alicia Street- Tyler’s Blind Date Experiment – Book 5
Katie O’Sullivan- Ed’s Blind Date Dilemma – Book 6
Suzanne Jenkins – Marty’s Blind Date Mystery- Book 7
Tamara Ferguson- Jack’s Blind Date Debacle- Book 8