Safe Harbor

All Brynleigh “Bryn” Tinsley wanted was to find a safe harbor and put the past behind her so she could raise her little girl in a peaceful, loving environment. Now, three identities later and 2,000 miles away, she finds herself in the small, seaside town of Lighthouse Cove, Florida.

The last thing she needs is a pesky firefighter who keeps showing up at every turn, doing his best to become her handyman – and more. But when her daughter’s life is on the line, Brynleigh will do whatever it takes to protect her daughter from the hell that is her past.

Jamison Kirby can understand not wanting to speak to your family. He’s barely spoken to his mother or brothers in almost two years. So, he doesn’t think much of Bryn not wanting anything to do with her daughter’s extended family. However, he does take being lied to personally. So, when he finds out that Bryn isn’t even her real name, he goes digging into her past. And doesn’t like what he finds.

Worse, he pokes a hornet’s nest, putting Bryn and her daughter in the line of fire, and forcing Jamison to do the one thing he swore he’d never do.

Call his family for help.

She came to Lighthouse Cove to put the past where it belonged, and in the process, she found her future.

Trinity Hughes has spent a lifetime resenting her biological father. However, now that he’s dead, Trinity wants to set the record straight. Her father might have killed one man 35 years ago, but he paid his debt to society. She knows deep in her soul that he did not murder 16 men and she’s going to prove it. All she needs is a little help from the last man who saw her father alive.

After ending a six-year relationship, local police officer Emmett Kirby has given up on love and family, dedicating himself to a career that has been the cornerstone of his life. And he’s happy to do it. However, when a homeless stranger comes through town and is accused of murder, and then killed right in front of him, Emmett questions the investigation, and what he uncovers he not only doesn’t like, but it puts Trinity in the center of a twisted plan that could make her the killer’s next victim.

Shelby Manzo has spent a lifetime taking care of everyone else, leaving no room for romance. Not even when romance came knocking. So, when her brother goes missing, bringing her to the small town of Lighthouse Cove, she’s forced to not only let others take care of her, but allow the man she’d given her heart to five years ago back into her life.

Rhett Kirby never thought he’d see Shelby again. He’d put her memory in a tiny box in his mind, bringing her out when he needed a smile. However, now that she was in his town, needing his help, he wasn’t sure he’d ever be able to watch her drive away. Her heart was his to protect.

Prepare to be captivated by a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the final, shocking climax.

In the seaside town of Lighthouse Cove, Deputy Sheriff Emmerson Kirby thought he had seen it all. But everything changes when a mysterious stranger named Rumor Crimson enters his life. Rumor, with her striking emerald eyes and enigmatic past, is thrust into the center of a crime that shakes the foundations of the tight-knit community.

As Emmerson investigates a series of baffling murders, he becomes convinced that Rumor holds the key to unraveling the truth. But with each step closer to the dark secrets that haunts the small town, Emmerson finds himself drawn deeper into a web of deceit, betrayal, and danger. Rumor, meanwhile, must confront her own demons and face the consequences of her past.

Together, Emmerson and Rumor navigate a treacherous path and their lives intertwine in unexpected ways. As they race against time to expose the sinister forces at play, they discover that trust can be shattered in an instant, and that the line between ally and enemy is blurred.

In this gripping tale of love, suspense, and redemption, Emmerson and Rumor must confront their darkest fears and fight against the odds. Will they uncover the truth before it’s too late? Or will the secrets buried in Lighthouse Cove consume them both?

In this gripping tale of mystery, suspense, and the power of love, Miles and Liberty will face unimaginable challenges and make sacrifices to bring justice to Lighthouse Cove.

Miles Kirby leads a double life. By day, he’s a skilled mechanic, fixing engines and tinkering with gadgets. But by night, he becomes a relentless private investigator, delving into the shadows to uncover the truth.

Living next door to Miles is Liberty Blue, a young woman burdened with caring for her younger brother, who is on the autism spectrum. Their lives intersect unexpectedly when Liberty’s brother mysteriously vanishes without a trace.

Driven by compassion and a sense of duty, Miles takes it upon himself to find Liberty’s missing brother. As he dives deeper into the investigation, he uncovers a web of secrets and dangerous connections that threaten to unravel the very fabric of Lighthouse Cove.

As the stakes rise and danger lurks at every turn, Miles and Liberty must confront their fears and face the truth that sometimes, the ones we trust the most may be hiding the darkest secrets. In a race against the clock, they must rely on their wits, resilience, and the unexpected bond that forms between them.