Hot Hunks Steamy Romance Collection: Mystic

Mystic Steamy Romance Collection Book 3 of 8

Malachi Bale, a Liaison Army Intelligence Officer for Homeland Security is sent to the scenic town of Mystic, Connecticut on a temporary assignment with the Defense Investigative Service to gather and analyze intel on a possible terrorist attack. Malachi is looking forward to the trip. Not just because he’s excited about the task at hand, but because growing up, his family vacation every summer in Mystic. It’s been a good ten years since he spent a summer eating the best pizza on the planet and taking a late-night stroll on the sandy beach with the cutest girl in town. He’d never forgotten Winona, but he never expected to see her again, or that she’d land herself right smack dab in the middle of his investigation.

Winona Lambert lost her father six months ago to a freak boating accident. She knew deep down that her dad had been murdered, but she couldn’t prove it. And now whoever killed him was threatening her if she didn’t hand over the documents. Only, she had no idea what they were talking about. When Malachi strolled into her ice cream shop asking strange questions about her father, and possible connections to terrorists, she realizes she has two choices. She can take her chances with a bunch of criminals. Or she can put her trust in a blast from the past and hope he’s as good at his job as he was at charming her into her first kiss all those years ago.

In the quaint seaside town of Mystic, Connecticut, love is in the air—and who knows where you might encounter a look, a smile, a kiss… that moment when you know your whole life is about to change. It could happen at the Seaport Museum, the Mystic Aquarium, at famous Mystic Pizza, or on a romantic sailboat cruise. Maybe even a Sunday outing at the Elm Grove Cemetery like they did in the late 1900’s, strolling in the salt-kissed breeze.

Eight hunky guys, each on his own path through life, navigate their way through the rich history of Mystic, discovering steamy romance along the way.

River’s Mystic Crush- Natalie Ann
Luke’s Mystic Romance – Suzanne Jenkins
Malachi’s Mystic Assignment- Jen Talty
Matt’s Mystic Connection – Katie O’Sullivan
Liam’s Mystic Passion- Alicia Street
Cael’s Mystic Reunion- Stephanie Morris
Ridley’s Mystic Roots- Reina Torres
Max’s Mystic Magic- Tamara Ferguson