Special Forces Operation Alpha: Fallport Rescue Operations

Searching for Madison, a tale of resilience, love, and redemption, Brayden and Madison discover that sometimes, the most unexpected journey can lead to healing, second chances, and a future they never dared to dream.

In the depths of grief and despair, ex-Navy SEAL, Brayden Gibson finds solace in the wilderness as a member of a search and rescue team. Haunted by the loss of his beloved wife, he embarks on a journey to reboot his shattered life. During a poignant hiking trip to spread his wife’s ashes, fate intervenes when he crosses paths with a woman desperately seeking her missing sister. Brayden’s ingrained training and sense of duty kick in as he vows to help Madison find her sister, no matter the cost. His determination to bring Madison’s sister home safely is matched only by the unexpected emotions Madison stirs within him.

Madison Cooper, still grappling with the aftermath of a life-altering car accident that left her unable to bear children, has been attempting to rebuild her shattered existence. A girls’ trip with her sister was meant to be a respite, but Madison’s world crumbles when Hilary vanishes. Desperate for answers, she must rely on the enigmatic and captivating Brayden. As they navigate the treacherous path of finding Madison’s sister, their hearts entwine amidst the chaos. But danger lurks in the shadows, threatening to tear them apart.