It’s all in the Whiskey

Kitty O’Doole used to have it all. A big house in the suburbs, a sports car, and money in the bank, all provided by a loving husband. It had been a Cinderella story of all times until the FBI came knocking on her door with a warrant for her husband’s arrest. Now, three years later, working at McCurdy’s Bar and Restaurant, and taking night classes toward a degree in Education, her life is heading in a positive direction. The last thing she needs is a gambling, whiskey-drinking, sexy cowboy, but when JW Whiskey sits down and orders a Johnnie Walker, Kitty finds herself falling for the wrong man. Again.

Or is he?

Johnnie Walker Whiskey, better known as JW, is one of the best bull riders in the business. But a recent scandal involving his last girlfriend tainted his career and marred his reputation. Needing a change of scenery, he tosses a dart at a map of the United States and wherever it lands, is where he’ll go for a week to clear his head. Of all places, he ends up in Baltimore. Who goes to Baltimore to lick their wounds? His first night in town, he wanders into McCurdy’s looking for a burger and a drink, not a sassy conversation with the sexiest, and smartest woman, he’s ever met.

Only he can’t stay away from the bar…or Kitty.

Over the course of the next few days, JW knows he’s falling hard for Kitty and for the first time in the last year, he feels like things might be looking up.

That is until her past and his scandal collide, throwing him into the spotlight…the very thing he’d been running from to begin with.

Georgia Moon Whiskey has been in love with Luke Hannah for as long as she can remember, but he’s never given her a second look. It doesn’t matter anymore. He betrayed her brother and left town with his tail between his legs. Having bought Luke’s property to expand the family business, Georgia Moon turns Luke’s home into a residence for their bull riding students and moves herself into the master bedroom all in the name of therapy to get over the man who never knew he held the power to break her heart.

Luke Hannah has made a mess of his life and has only one person to blame for it: himself. After spending a year in Florida, he comes back to his hometown for the wedding of the man who used to be his best friend the brother of the woman he never had the nerve to ask out on a date. All Luke wants is a second chance, but there is still one secret from his past that looms over his head, threatening to destroy everything.

Jack Daniel’s Whiskey sole responsibility was to make sure the ranch operated at a profit and he was damn good at his job. That’s because he much preferred sitting behind a desk crunching numbers than dealing with people. He left that up to his brothers and sister. So, when he was tasked with helping the newest employee, Annette Hannah become assimilated to life on Whiskey Ranch, JD wanted nothing to do with the responsibility, much less the woman and her young toddler.

Only when Annette is injured JD finds himself having to help take of both mother and son.

The last thing Annette wanted to be to anyone again was a burden. She’d done that to her brother time and time again. All she wanted was a fresh start for her, and her son and the Whiskey family had given her that chance. Working as a horse trainer, she wanted to impress her new bosses, but the wild horse had other plans, and Annette ended up in the ER with a broken wrist and a sprained ankle. Once again, she had to rely on someone else. Only this time, it came in the form of the sexy, but reserved and emotionally unavailable, JD Whiskey.

When Annette no longer needs JD, will he be able to walk away, or will people have become more important than numbers, and will Annette allow the cowboy into her and her son’s heart?

Nearly five years ago, Cheyenne Hawkins came to Whiskey Ranch for one thing: to train to be the best. When she left, she was confident she’d be at the top of the rodeo circuit until a dizzy spell landed her in the hospital and she found out she left the ranch with much more than she expected. However, Cheyenne was already engaged to someone else. Cheyenne told herself it was for the best if she stayed away from JB. She told herself she loved her fiancé, and she had a career to chase. And that’s exactly what she did. Five years later, divorced, she’s one of the best cowgirls in the circuit, and her four-year-old son, Jimmy, couldn’t be prouder. The last thing Cheyenne wants is to see JB Whiskey, but when he shows up at a rodeo and spots her with their son, she realizes she must face the music and tell him the truth.

She can handle his anger. She can even deal with JB not wanting anything to do with her or her son, but nothing could have prepared her for the idea that JB would demand she allow their son to come to the ranch for an extended visit so they could get to each other.

Jim Beam Whiskey never thought he’d be living alone. He always believed his brother, JD would be his roommate forever. They both shared one major common bond: a broken heart. But his brother went off and did the unthinkable and found himself the kind of love that heals a wounded soul.

Well, JB had done that once, and Cheyenne ran out him, leaving him to pick up the pieces for the second time. He vowed, there would never be a third. That is until he sees a young boy with a double shot of JB’s eyes and a hauntingly familiar smile. JB doesn’t need a paternity test to know he’s Jimmy’s father. However, he is going to need to find a way to forgive Cheyenne for leaving him all those years ago as well as proving to her that he can change and be the kind of father Jimmy needs and the kind of husband Cheyenne deserves.

After the death of her mother, Paget Sour did what she could to help her father, but she had no idea how bad things had gotten, both financially, or medically. As things begin to unravel, and her father’s health takes a turn for the worse, Paget faces some of the tough decisions she’s ever had to make. All she wants is to is make her father’s last few months on this earth as comfortable as possible in the safety of his home.

But she can’t do it alone. Not if she wants to pay the bills, keep the house, and protect her father.

However, the last thing she needs is the pesky bartender who happens to make the best Whiskey Sour showing up offering his help, among other things.

Boone Wilder wants one thing, and one thing only. He wants to make Paget Sour his, and his alone. She comes into his bar regularly, orders a Whiskey Sour has a good chat, and then leaves, always refusing a date. So, when he hears about her sick father, it’s Boone to the rescue.

Only, Paget isn’t easily that won over, and Boone soon realizes, if he’s going to get the woman he loves, he’s going to have to make a few changes of his own.

And he’s going to have to come clean about one very big lie.

Heather Cobbler has dedicated her life to the love and care of the horses at Whiskey Ranch. Having been born and raised on the land, her loyalty runs thick and deep. So, when horses start getting sick on her watch, Heather will stop at nothing to find out who is harming these glorious creatures and why.

Even if that means teaming up with the veterinarian who has been hitting on her for nearly ten years and doesn’t know how to take no for an answer.

Not much happened in the sleepy little town of Buhl, Idaho and that’s exactly why Detective Crew Irvin had moved there from the big city. So, when it appears a horse is murdered out on the Whiskey Ranch, Crew wants to wrap it up neatly, and quickly. That means slapping the cuffs on the super sexy ranch hand, Heather Cobbler.

Crew’s detective skills might be rusty, but he didn’t have cobwebs for brains and Heather was about as guilty as the sky was pink.

Only he couldn’t prove it without putting himself in the line of fire.

Two years ago, Hayden Fox wasn’t sure she would walk again, much ride a bucking bronco. Being on the backside of a horse was bittersweet and while being a cowgirl was all she’d ever dreamed of, it came at a price.

One she knew this time she might pay with her life. However, she didn’t know what else to do. Her uncle had paid all her bills. He’d made sure she was well-taken care of and he never let her forget he’d given up everything to ensure she had the best doctors and the best training money could buy.

For the last ten years, Sawyer Lawson has been making his way from one country bar stage to the next. All he cared about was plucking his guitar, keeping his head, and staying out of trouble.

Only trouble had a way of finding him and this time it came in the form of a sexy cowgirl who needs the same kind of help that once landed Sawyer behind bars.

Irish Whiskey left his cousins farm years ago to join the Army and he never looked back. That was until he gets a phone call from one of his relatives informing him that one of the many broken hearts he left behind showed up at Whiskey Ranch claiming to be carrying his child.

And she won’t leave until he comes back and decides if he wants to be a father, or he’s going to do what he’s always done—run from his responsibilities.

Lorelei Sheldon knew the second the sexy Special Forces officer walked into her diner she was in trouble. But she hadn’t expected it to be the kind of trouble that would change the course of her entire life. With no way of reaching him, except through his family’s ranch in Buhl, Idaho, Lorelei packs up her things and sets off to find the man who she knows without a doubt she wants to start a life with, but also understands he might want nothing to do with her.

But she has to try. She owes it to their unborn child.