Holiday Romance

Olivia Tate wants one thing for her son: to feel connected to the father he’s never known. Every Christmas, she and Noah head north to the lake where her late husband grew up. Equipped with a list of his family traditions, she does her best to follow each one to the letter, right down to baking his grandmother’s famous Christmas cookies. Now eight-years-old, Noah tells her he wants to try something new and learn how to snow ski. So, she makes a deal with her son. She’ll take him to the mountains in Vermont as long as they continue with the rest of the traditions.

What she hadn’t anticipated was the handsome stranger she’d be forced to share a cabin with and the effect he has on her heart, awaking desires she had long buried in the snow.

While deployed eleven months earlier, Navy SEAL Ryder Jameson lost his wife and son in a mass shooting. Needing to escape his family, and hers, he rents a cabin three days before Christmas. Armed with a few bottles Jack, all he wants to do is drink away the painful void left from losing the two people who matter most.

Just as he cracks open his first bottle of whiskey, a woman and her son walk into his cabin. One phone call reveals a mistake in the reservation and no more availability at the resort. To make matters worse, a major snow storm makes it impossible for either one of them to trek to another hotel, leaving him to deal with a boy filled with questions and woman who makes him believe he could risk his heart and love again.

He was the second date that should have lasted a lifetime.

Flynn Wagner didn’t have time for relationships. Her career as a headhunter in New York City was the only thing she truly cared about, outside of her parents. When her dying mother asks her to go on their much-anticipated trip to Alaska without her, Flynn can’t deny her mother’s request. Shortly after her mother’s passing, Flynn sets off to the frozen tundra and the Mistletoe Lodge. She’s prepared to hear endless stories about her mother. However, nothing can prepare her for coming face to face with the one man she couldn’t get out from under her skin.

Colton Granger left Alaska and joined the Army when he’d been eighteen years old. He swore he’d never return to his hometown. But when his father has a heart attack, Colton decides it’s time to return to the Mistletoe Lodge and help his mother keep the business running during the winter months while his father recovers. He never expected to open the doors to the lodge and find the woman who had changed his life forever standing there in high-heeled boots, a winter coat that didn’t keep a person warm, and a killer smile that would soon melt his heart.

After Eliana Quinn’s ex-husband left her for another woman, she traded in the snowy mountain tops in Vermont for an outdoor Tiki Bar in Jupiter, Florida. She’s determined to make it on her own, but when she sees her purchase for the first time, she worries she may have sunk every penny she had into a business that she might never get off the ground. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the contractor she hired to do all the work, took her deposit and ran. She needs nothing short of a miracle if she’s going to pull off a holiday opening. However, she hadn’t expected it to come in the form of her super sexy, but gruff and aloof neighbor.

Levi Grayson spent twenty years serving his country as a Navy SEAL. An injury forced him into an early retirement. Shortly after that, his wife left him and for the last two years, Levi has been licking his wounds. He’s angry, bitter, and the last thing he needs is a new sexy neighbor making him question his life decisions. He does whatever it takes to avoid Eliana until a shady businessman runs off with her money. Levi will help her any way he can, but as soon as she’s got her business up and running, he’ll go back to being the cranky captain of a fishing charter.