Special Forces Operation Alpha: Air Force Protection Specialists

This book was previously published in Amazon Kindle Worlds

Crew Chief Alec Charles Enders AKA Ace has two passions: Serving his country and putting out fires. As an Air Forces Fire Protection Specialist, Ace has seen his fair share of infernos from fires in the sky, to chemical buildings, and even forest fires. While running into a burning building is no big deal for him, he dreads the call. He understands the devastation and destruction fires can cause, not to mention the loss of life as he lost his first girlfriend to a fire while in high school.

His job is get people out of the fire and contain it at the same time. So, when he watches a car crash unfold while on leave, he jumps into action. He’s prepared to do what it takes to save the young women in the car…

And protect his heart from the burning desire she awakes in his soul.

While heading home to help her mother with a legal problem, Lexi Aberdean is T-Boned and her car bursts into flames. Lucky for her, a good Samaritan saves her life and now all she wants to do is find a way to repay him. Only, he wants nothing to do with her. That is until a series of unexplained events, including a fire, makes Lexi believe the accident was no accident at all.

This book was previously published in Amazon Kindle Worlds

Senior Firefighter, Hunter Jackson walked away from his country club and ivy league lifestyle when his mother ran off with his girlfriend’s father, destroying two families. Hunter joined the Air Force and became a Fire Protection Specialist, never looking back on his old life. He barely speaks to anyone in his family, but when his mother takes ill, and the love of his life shows up at his doorstep, begging him to see his mother, his world is turned upside down. Will he be able to deny a woman’s dying wish? Will he be able to protect his heart from the woman who stole it years ago?

Claire Thompson has never taken no for an answer, but she didn’t take ultimatums too well either. So, when Hunter Jackson demanded she turn her back on her father and run away with him, giving up on college and her career, she said no and watched the only man she’d ever loved walk away.

A decision she’s regretted for years.

With her father dead and Hunter’s mother dying, she decides it’s time to mend old fences and hopefully ignite the burning kiss that forever stole her heart.

This book was previously published in Amazon Kindle Worlds

Scarlet Adison hated going to her aunt for help, but she had nowhere else to turn when her ex-boyfriend stopped paying child-support and disappeared. So, she packed up her things and moved to Cape Canaveral. Not even there for a day, her Aunt is called away to help a sick friend and Scarlet is asked to take over her aunt’s job as a nanny.

Jaxon Stravos had never married. The mother of his precious daughter, Elle, had died shortly after Elle had been born. Balancing career and being a parent has been a struggle and he has no room for dating or women at all. When his long-time nanny needs to take a leave of absence to take care of a sick friend, she sends her niece. Not only was Jax ill-prepared to leave is little girl in the hands of a perfect stranger, but the young woman stole his breath, making him think and feel things he hadn’t in years.

Jax does some digging into the background of Scarlet, and her ex-boyfriend, uncovering a dark past that could threaten to take away the very things Jaxon loves most.

Air Force Senior Fire Protect Specialist, Brayden “Brodie” Welch is at the height of his career and up for a promotion. He knows he’s going to get it until the unthinkable happens.

A fire on base takes the life of one of their own and Brodie becomes the center of the investigation.

When Air Force Investigation Officer Harper Dawson first meets Brodie Welch she sees him as the sexy as hell, but clean-cut boy next door type. That is until his missing gas can is found at the fire that took the life of a fellow Air Force fireman. Now Harper finds herself having to arrest the man she’s falling in love with.

Harper doesn’t want to believe, but the evidence against Brodie is too damaging to ignore.

However, when the investigation takes a dark and dangerous twist, Harper finds herself relying on Brodie. Together, in the burning ruble, they uncover lies so devastating it will change the direction of their lives.

Air Force Fire Protection Specialist, Declan Rivers, gave his heart once, and it got charred beyond recognition. While deep down he still wants it all, the career, the wife, the family, he can’t put himself out there. That is until his best friend’s wedding where he finds comfort in the arms of Becca Knowles, a sexy senior firefighter and co-worker. He’s had eyes for Becca since she first stepped onto the base, but after one hot night, they decide it’s best if they remain friends.

Well, he decides thanks to that aforementioned reluctance.

Becca Knowles understands a broken heart and after a one-night stand with Declan, she vows to give up on men for a while and focus only on her career. Only that declaration lasts just one measly month when she first finds out she’s pregnant, and then that her younger sister is missing. Not knowing where to turn, she asks Declan for his help, to which he readily agrees, not knowing about the baby.

While searching for her sister, they find themselves dealing with betrayal, lies, and a love so deep it burns the heart.

Tabitha Nelson knows her brother’s death was no accident, regardless of what the local fire inspector and police department says. Having found her brother’s computer and all his notes regarding a local news story on corruption he’d been working, she makes it her personal mission to find out who took her brother’s life and why. She vows to make them pay, even if that means pointing the finger at the first responders.

For two months, Air Force Fire Protection Specialist, Garret Pierce, has been admiring his sexy neighbor from a distance, trying to muster up the nerve to ask her out. Now he tries to ignore her all together. He had nothing to do with fighting the local fire that claimed her brother, or the subsequent inspection of the case. However, if looks could kill, he would spontaneously combust every single time they cross paths.

However, when Tabitha’s life is threatened, Garret takes matters into his own hands.

Together, they unravel a trail of corruption and a sinister plot that puts them both in the line of fire.

Gunner Davidson walked away from the love of his life after tragedy stuck and he never looked back. Not even when his ex-girlfriend sent him letter after letter. He didn’t open a single one. Just tucked them away in a box and pretended to have a satisfying life as a paramedic with the Air Force Fire Protection Specialists. While dispatched on a 9-1-1 suicide call, Gunner is forced to relieve the worst day of his life…and his past collides with a future he didn’t know he had.

While he wasn’t prepared to see Arcadia Bloomingdale, he’s in total shock to meet his ten-year-old son. He vows to make it up to his son…as well as Arcadia.

However, when an investigation of rape and murder put his son and Arcadia in danger, Gunner will do whatever it takes to protect them and ensure they have a second chance at being a family.