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Jack Daniels


When Annette no longer needs JD, will he be able to walk away, or will people have become more important than numbers, and will Annette allow the cowboy into her and her son’s heart?

Cove's Blind Date Blows Up


Before things even get off the ground, they will have to work together to defuse a bomb and bring a mad man to justice.

Tee Time (A Family Affair Book 4)


The last thing Courtney needs is the man of her dreams to walk into her and her daughter’s life, but that is exactly what happens.

Color Me Smart (The Monores Book 2)


Alston Walsh never wanted to be a father. Hell, until six months ago, he didn’t even know he was a father. But when me meets his little girl for the first time, he falls instantly in love.

LOOK!!! 2 new Series

The Monroes


A new series about 6 siblings that find love in unconventional ways.

search and rescue


Come be immersed in the new search and rescue series.