The Brotherhood Protectors: Saving Series

The only thing Alabama Love wanted was to provide a safe home for her son, Wyoming, away from her abusive husband. When she landed in Eagle Rock, Montana, she thought just maybe, she might have found the perfect place to start her life over and give her son the kind of future he deserves. But sometimes the past has a tendency of catching up to the present.

And in her case, the past could prove to be a deadly future.

Only one thing really matters in Wayne “Dakota” Newark’s life, and that’s family. When his wife passed away from breast cancer, he left the military and joined the Brotherhood Protectors in order to provide a more stable life for his two little girls. There isn’t anything he wouldn’t do for his kids. But when his nanny quits, he finds himself having to trust a woman he doesn’t know and that doesn’t settle right in his gut. All in the name of protecting his family, he does some digging into Alabama’s past.

Unfortunately, his prying into her background disturbs a hornet’s nest that has the potential to destroy both their worlds.

And now he’s tangled up with a woman who has not only stolen the hearts of his precious girls but has taken his hostage and now he wants to spend the rest of his life protecting her and her young son.

That is if he can keep them all alive.

Dewey Stone spent seventeen years serving his country and more than ten of them as a fighter pilot with a death wish. He constantly searched for that one adrenaline rush that would make all others pale in comparison.
He found it the day his Super Hornet stalled and subsequently spun out of control and crash landed in the Mediterranean Sea.
But Dewey hasn’t quite been the same and for the last two years, he’s focused finding his new normal and for the first time in his life, relaxing and maybe even finding the right woman to settle down with.

Magnolia Clarke had been dealt a crappy hand since the day she’d been born. She did her best with what she had. Her sole goal in life was to make sure she didn’t end up like her parents.
Dead or in prison.
However, when someone from her past shows up in her tattoo parlor with threatening her demise if she doesn’t do something for her incarcerated mother, Magnolia believes she has no choice, but to run. Having no other options, she turns to Dewey and the Brotherhood Protectors for help. Dewey will save her from her mother…
And he’ll steal her heart.

Leather Wellington made his money the old-fashioned way: he won it playing poker. He’s at the top of his game and he’s not about to let a couple of death threats stand in his way. However, he will do what he always does; he’ll hire a bodyguard.
However, he’s not prepared to come face-to-face with the woman who stole his heart, twice, and trust her with his life.
But he’s left with no choice. Not if he wants to play and no way will he let the enemies of the past ruin his future.

Lacey “Lace” Brown had only ever wanted to be a sailor, so when her career in the Navy comes to an abrupt halt, she opts to take a job with the Brotherhood Protectors. Her first assignment is to protect the infamous gambler, Leather Wellington, which goes against everything she believes in, but she will do exactly what she’s hired to do, even when she finds out the truth, because sometimes it is the truth that will set you free from the scars of the past.