The Brotherhood Protectors: Out of the Wild Series

After a career ending injury, former Green Beret, Shamus O’Neil returns to his hometown to work for the Brotherhood Protectors and the man who inspired him to join the Army. Still bitter over being forced to leave the military, he struggles to make the best of his return to civilian life. That is, until he’s given his first assignment to protect the daughter of the man he holds responsible for his half sister’s death.

Amber Baxter, now known as, Amber Winchester, left Eagle Rock, Montana and never looked back. Despite her father’s legacy, she managed to get a degree in Communications and Broadcasting and made a successful career working as a correspondent for a major news channel. Life since Eagle Rock, had been nothing less than spectacular until she uncovers a treasonous plot that puts her in the line of fire. Needing refuge, she returns to her hometown and the safety of the Brotherhood Protectors. However, she never expected to come face to face with the man who’d been the first boy she ever kissed… and the man she’d left behind.

Thrust together in a deadly game of espionage, Shamus and Amber must reconcile their past while fighting a battle that not only threatens their lives, but the very things they love most.

Note: This book was previously published through Amazon Kindle World.

Piper Morgan had never wanted fame or fortune, but that had been impossible as the daughter of Calvin Morgan, better known as Cowboy Cal, the mega country singer superstar. Much to her father’s dismay, the shy, reserved Piper chose a career writing song instead of performing them. She couldn’t be happier.

Until someone murders her father and now has their sights set on her, forcing her to seek the help of a man who had broken her young heart.

When Jaden Sawyer left Nashville at the ripe old age of twenty-two and joined the Army, he never looked back. A career on the stage had never been for him, even with a couple of top twenty billboard hits and women dropping at his feet.

But he never forgot the man who had given him his first big break, or the sweet eighteen-year-old girl with the voice of an angel.

Jaden will do whatever it takes to find out who killed Cowboy Cal and protect Piper, even if it means dusting off his guitar and putting himself in the line of fire.

Cassandra Sweet boards a plane from Florida to Montana with one goal: prove her brother didn’t murder his wife and then kill himself. The last thing she needs is to fight off the flirtatious advances of a man, even if he’s a handsome, chiseled cowboy. When her SUV breaks down in the middle of nowhere Montana, she reluctantly accepts help from the kind stranger.

After a week in Florida with his family, Hogan “Kick” McGregor can’t wait to get back to his farm in Montana and a new assignment with the Brotherhood Protectors. Being a gentleman, he can’t leave a woman on the side of the road. However, he had no idea stopping to help Cassandra would lead to being shot at and forced into protecting a woman who does nothing but lie to him.

Something he had enough of with his last girlfriend.

But when her father hires him to protect her, he’s given no choice but do whatever it takes to make sure she doesn’t get herself killed.

Together, they unravel the mystery of what really happened to Cassandra’s brother while tangling their hearts in a world wind romance that could either destroy them…

Or save them…

All Sage Adams wants is for her parents take notice of her accomplishments. But when someone tries to kidnap Sage, she is forced to accept the ugly truth that her parents are criminals and it’s now up to her to bring justice for all those innocent lives her parents have injured. However, she can’t do it alone. Reluctantly, she teams up with Porter Clayton, a bodyguard from the Brotherhood Protectors.

Porter Clayton, better known as just Clayton, has never been ashamed of being the son of a whore. He’s spent the last ten years of his life making sure his mother’s work with helping prostitutes and their families make better life choices continues to grow. That had been the catalyst for him hiring Sage to plan a charity event. But when Sage ends up in the backseat of a hitman’s car, Clayton will do whatever it takes to protect her.

Sage and Clayton must gather enough evidence to put her parents in prison before Clayton is framed for a murder he didn’t commit and Sage ends up dead. Working together, they come to terms with their past, their parents, and in the process they find the kind of love they hadn’t even dared to dream could exist.

Arizona Bale has spent her entire life in beauty pageants. She was born and raised to compete, and her only purpose in life was to win. After an accident took her leg, she thought her life was over until she found a new calling: training other pageant contestants who might have a disadvantage or even a disability to shine bright and creating an annual local Christmas pageant for everyone.

Her life was finally back on track, and she didn’t think anything could derail her again until a strange chain of events threatens her dreams, and she has to rely on a bodyguard to not only protect her, but to make sure her pageant goes off without a hitch.

Only her bodyguard doesn’t like her plan on how to incorporate him into the fold.

Dustin Wyss has known Arizona Bale since he was forced into early retirement from the Army five years ago when he’d only been twenty-four. She’d been an inspiration to his recovery, and they shared a common bond, although, Dustin didn’t believe that she’d ever be interested in the likes of him. But when her business and her life are threatened, he will do whatever it takes to protect her except…

Participate in any capacity other than a bodyguard in her Princess for a Day pageant.

However, when bullets start flying, Dustin gladly takes to the runway.