The Brotherhood Protectors: Yellowstone

As a little girl, all Payton Wheeler dreamed about was coming to Montana and living at her grandfather’s ranch. However, life took a different turn and instead of following her dreams, she followed the path of least resistance. That is until her granddad passed away and left her the Wheeler Creek Ranch. Only, the people of Montana view Payton as an outsider and it appears they will do whatever it takes to scare Payton right back to where she came from, including murdering a gray wolf on her land.

However, nothing is as it seems and those responsible for the threats to Payton might be closer than she thinks.

Justice Kane grew up in a world where he couldn’t trust those around him and love was a foreign concept. It wasn’t that he didn’t believe in it. He’d seen what true love could be like for other people.

However, because of his past, Justice would never be able to open his heart and allow himself to be vulnerable. That is until he was assigned to protect Payton Wheeler. She changed everything.
And he would do whatever it took to protect her from the pains of the past.
Even if that meant it had to rip open a few old wounds to do it.

A dedicated animal behaviorist, Kirby Carrington finds herself caught in a dangerous situation while studying gorillas in the Congo. When tragedy strikes her team, leaving her assistant injured and the rest of her colleagues dead, Kirby’s life is suddenly at stake.

Desperate for help, Kirby reaches out to her long-time friend and ex-Navy SEAL, Wyatt Bixby. Wyatt has secretly harbored feelings for Kirby for years but has always respected her desire for a casual relationship. However, when he learns of the danger she faces from ruthless poachers, he realizes that he must step up and protect her at all costs, even if it means risking his own heart.

As Kirby and Wyatt navigate the treacherous terrain of the Congo, they must not only outsmart the poachers but also confront their own emotions. With each passing moment, their bond grows stronger, and they discover a love that cannot be denied. Together, they embark on a daring mission to ensure their own survival.

“Wyatt’s Mission” is an adrenaline-fueled tale of love, bravery, and the unbreakable bond between humans and animals. Join Kirby and Wyatt on a thrilling journey through the Congo and Yellowstone as they fight against ruthless enemies and discover the power of true love amidst danger and uncertainty.