The Raven Sisters

Hazel Raven is a psychic with precognition abilities. She and her sisters have formed the Raven Agency (private investigators) to help find the lost and heal the broken.

However, when she foreshadows her sister’s disappearance, and arrives at the scene too late, she and her sisters hire the GLOBAL ALLIANCE COLIATION(G.A.C.) for assistance.

Brett Radcliffe is new to the Agency, brought in for his remote viewing capabilities. Finding one of the Raven sisters is his first assignment. He’s excited and at the top of his game, until he comes face to face with Hazel and a past he’s never quite forgotten.

Together they begin to unravel betrayal and treason in search of the missing sister and in the process, they find they are not only cut from the cloth, but they are the future of THE COLLECTIVE ORDER.

Savanah Raven has always embraced her psychic ability, along with the idea that her sisters were the female half of the collective order. What she didn’t expect was for her ex-boyfriend, who thought her abilities were smoke and mirrors, to be her soul-mate, and one of the four brothers separated at birth who made up the other half of the order.

Chad Pendleton spent his childhood jumping from one foster home to the next, never feeling like he fit in anywhere until he became a Navy SEAL. Even then, he always felt like something had been missing. When he first met Savanah, he thought he’d found his other half, that was until she revealed her psychic abilities and then had the nerve to tell him he had the same powers. Believing all that stuff to be smoke and mirrors, he quickly broke things off.

Months later, he finds himself with a missing SEAL team and his superiors bring in agents from the GLOBAL ALLIANCE CORPORATION (GAC) and THE PERCEPTION PROJECT to help him in his search. Not only does he believe that his team has disappeared thanks, in part, to physics, but now his ex-girlfriend and her crazy psychic notions are forced upon him in the field. As they search the jungles of South Korea, he discovers his own psychic powers. He’ll allow Savanah to help him cultivate his new abilities in order to find his men, but he will not let her into his heart.

Nor will he accept he is one of four brothers who make up the collective order.

But if he doesn’t, the only surviving member of his team could die.

And he’ll lose the only woman he’s ever loved.

Hunter Knight should be dead. His body and mind are so damaged after being tortured by an underground group of psychic operatives, it would be a miracle if he not only survived but came back as a whole man.

Alexis Raven will do whatever it takes to ensure the Collective Order is reinstated, even if it means risking her life, following Hunter through the abyss and into the past. It is there they uncover the mystery behind the birth parents of the quadruplet brothers. It comes as shock to Hunter that his biological father had been right in front of him for years. He will be forced to put his anger aside when his own father, in the present, disappears.

Hunter and Alexis are given only pieces to the puzzle. They must use their new abilities to track Hunter’s biological parents and free a tortured soul. If they fail, the Collective Order will cease to exist, and Hunter and Alexis will perish.

Gabe Underwood will do whatever it takes to protect his family and the woman he’s destined to love, even if that means spending a year with the Elite Brotherhood planning their demise.

Since the death of his adoptive mother, Gabe has known exactly who he is, and what he must do, but it comes at a price. In order to save his brothers and the Raven sisters to ensure the Collective Order will reunite and restore balance to the paranormal world, Gabe must play a deadly game of cat and mouse. He must betray those he loves in order to prevent the Elite Brotherhood from destroying the future.

If he fails, not only will he never be able to hold his one true love in his arms, but the powers psychic realm will forever land in the wrong hands, killing, him, his brothers, and the Raven sisters.

Willow Raven has loved Gave for as long as she can remember, but he’s broken her heart for the last time. She will stop at nothing to make him see the error of his ways and prove to him that the Elite Brotherhood only wants to channel their powers and use them for evil. However, she’s ill-prepared for the battle that Gabe has pulled her into or how she’ll have to fight to save not just the man she loves, but the future of a new order so powerful it will change the face of the universe.

Harnessing her powers as a witch was easy, being the princess of the New Order was something no academy or amount of training could have prepared her for.

Cinnabar (Cinn) Knight understood that her parents and her aunts and uncles were the glue that held the collective order in place. Growing up, she accepted she was different, but she had no idea how special, or how powerful she’d become. Not only that but no matter how much training she’d received, she was ill-prepared to become the princess of the New Order. Worse, that her prince, Axel Grove, the arrogant bodyguard assigned to keep her safe from the Elite Brotherhood and those who wanted the balance of psychic power to fall in the wrong hands, thought she wasn’t capable. As a matter of fact, he believed she was nothing but a spoiled witch who didn’t have what it took to lead the New Order into the future and beyond.