Welcome to the new digs! A whole lot of romance rolling in…and a little darkness too!

So, I’m so excited about some of the changes that are coming in 2023. Since I decided to let my hair go all natural, I thought it was time to go back to some of the basics.

One of the things you will see coming in the new year will be more blogging and lessons about writing. I miss that so much. I miss the days when I was traveling across the country teaching workshops on writing. I don’t have any scheduled yet, but I’m hoping to be doing that as well as posting some of my lessons here. I will be adding new material and spicing it up. It won’t be just for the writer either. All you readers will find it fascinating as well.

I also have some exciting new projects in the works. More on that in the coming weeks…

Right now, I want to address the website. Woot. Woot. Shiny and new. Also a work in progress. Kind of like me. Haha. Anyway. The way it’s going to work is I’m going to roll out the series one at a time. Maybe even a book at a time. I’m going to share excerpts and tidbits about where and when I wrote the books and what inspired me.


I first got the idea for these three books while visiting some of my old friends from about 35-40 years ago from Camp Chingachgook on Lake George, New York. My good friend Jon Kaplan drives a boat in Lake Placid. He’s the true “Wedding Driver”. I loved the idea of someone driving a couple around the shores of Lake George after they tied the knot.

So, I wrote an entire series leading up to it! Haha.

You can check out the series page here.

If you have any questions, bring it!

Now, kick back, relax, and let the romance roll in!